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Studies have shown that the manual data and paper waiver form collection process has proven to be cumbersome and inefficient for obtaining and storing accurate information for both customers, OEM’s and dealers.  Lost and incomplete information creates risk and lost sales opportunities. By streamlining this, the prospect to sale cycle is shortened and ongoing customer engagement is improved yielding a higher retention rate and greater brand enjoyment. KickStart® is a multi-modal customer information capture software platform product suite designed to change this.


NCompassTrac works closely with major Powersports brands to deliver the best technology to aid and assist with revenue generation, lead tracking, with complete sales and service metrics. Input from across the industry has been incorporated in all product development




Using KickStart, Powersports companies attending events such as consumer, trade, or regional shows can automatically schedule demonstration rides, create a virtual loyalty rewards card, connect with a digital handshake the prospect and his or her nearest dealer all with a simple drivers license card swipe.

All information is instantly sent to the NCompassTrac Cloud and tracked through the purchasing cycle. Lead counts, demographics, product trends and usage reports are available in real time to Corporate Headquarters and report viewing is available for dealers by their area of influence.

The KickStart Suite includes modules for Demonstration Registration, Lead Generation, the Dyno Rider and Photo Experience, live Events Manager, the equipment Scheduler, Drag Race Challenger, plus a robust CRM integration engine that assists with CRM and ERP integrations such as CDK, Lightspeed, Reynolds and Reynolds, Salesforce.com and more. Demographics with heat map, and full tracking of leads and prospects are all core features of the KickStart suite.

For the client side, in order to speed the capture process, KickStart comes complete with driver’s license scanning, vehicle class permit authentication and check-in and checkout of equipment use all of which are coupled with inventory management, scheduling, real time customer communication and system monitoring capabilities. Among other activities, KickStart tracks rider and passenger information, collects digital waiver forms and data for all interactions by vehicle equipment type, make and model and stores these data for repurposing.


Customer Acquisition and Retention Solution (CARS)™


KickStart can be coupled with (CARS) the patented Cloud based acquisition and retention solution to provide Corporate Headquarters with a rewards platform lifecycle that enforces the brand excellence customers desire. By using push marketing techniques that not only incent existing brand fan enthusiasts, but create new ones, that will continually drive new prospect and existing enthusiasts to the buying centers.


As with all NCompassTrac products, all the metrics and transaction tracking is built in and available in our Cloud 24X7, 365 days a year and is accessible from anywhere, anytime.


Simply put, the CARS will capture and create new brand fans and build a stronger bond with existing customers. This in turn will insure a lasting business relationship built on valued mutual benefit.


Customer Rewards Programs Work


Marriott, Hilton, the Airline Industry all offer rewards program for a reason. Studies show that as much as 70% of repeat business is generated due to Rewards programs
However, most companies cannot afford or have the technical staff to develop and implement such a system, until now…


Rewards Programs have a proven track record

Incent your customers to continue doing business with you.
Show a real commitment by you to continue the valued relationship with them. By doing so you will improve top line revenue and increase margins.


Create a continued relationship between you and your customer.
Stop the blatant carte blanche discounting and margin erosion.
Track the revenue success of the program through real time reporting metrics



Card Based Savings Programs


While standard practice is to drive customers to your door using cards with discounts, we have found by coupling this to the NcompassTrac Loyalty Rewards Cloud, you will create an eco-system and currency within your business that will drive repeat business for years to come. Discounts are minimized that in turn preserve margins. What’s more, when followed up with emails and virtual digital card promotions, you extend the life of the card program making the no expiration card a reality if desired. This eliminates the need and cost in subsequent annual card mailers.


By putting a card-based marketing system to work for your business you are touching existing and future customer loyalists, giving them a reason to continue doing business with you. This greatly assists with customer retention, the recapture of lost customers, and the acquisition of new customers in your community.



iPhone and Android Apps


Instantly connect to the NCompassTrac Cloud anywhere, anytime with our native iOS and Android applications. Apps that allow you to schedule maintenance, hail roadside assistance and navigate you to the dealership and more.




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