RecallMiner® zeros in on your AOI, brands, and zip codes to identify and scope the size of the opportunity for recalls within a specified radius or other parameters. This in turn produces a population of customers to target within a campaign. Data is live and current, multiple sources are used to vet and eliminate bogus records and faulty addresses. This begins the process of building a goto market strategy.

RecallAnalyst® Crunches the data provided by RecallMiner® or any other source to produce a segmented and detailed roadmap of vehicles and owners, make, model and year and other relevant data to visualize the scope and size of the market.

RecallTrac® Using all the data that has been selected and massaged, RecallTrac® will create the database, segmentation and logistics for mailing recall notices, and then track all the revenue and response rates by segmented category to produce a “to the penny” return on investment for the campaign.

Brands We Support

Apple Enterprise Partner

NCompassTrac works closely with Apple for iOS devices to bring the latest in mobile applications technology to market.

Google Android Partner

For Android tablets and devices, the NCloud is a click away. As an Android certified developer, our engineers are working to bring the best of this exciting wave of technology to your enterprise.

Amazon Web Services

Forecast: Cloudy with a 100% chance of success. Our cloud application takes advantage of the best technologies from Microsoft and Amazon Web Services for guaranteed uptime, replication, and scalability.