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Capturing prospect information whether at an event, trade show or within a dealership or store front is at best clumsy and cumbersome. If captured at all, the data is incomplete, incorrect and ends up in a Corporate “black hole”. Leads get lost, sometimes forever. Event prospect lifecycle tracking is very difficult or non-existent. The KickStart products are designed to change all that. By simply and conveniently speeding the process of complete prospect and customer data capture with no training required. If you have ever swiped a debit or credit card, you are fully trained.


Utilizing sophisticated parsing and PDF 417, Magnetic stripe reading software, with one swipe KickStart products will capture the required data and safely and securely store it to your own cloud leads vault. From there the data can be passed to CRM systems, distributors, or the sales force for actionable next steps. All the data captured is tracked by event and end to end lead lifecycle metrics are available in real time, 24X7.


NCT KickStart

Customers in the digital age expect real-time response and have higher expectations of chosen brands. The demand to change processes and remove wait times and manual work is a continuum. Capturing information at the point where it originates, and delivering this information to direct and indirect sales or enterprise applications such as CRM will accelerate the decision to purchase time. Furthermore, any organization leveraging mobile capture solutions will automatically increase customer loyalty through better service and faster reaction times.

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