Automotive Cloud

Customer Information Capture and Acquisition Solutions that Drive Revenue and Build your Brand
A Patented first of its kind comprehensive customer revenue focused digital marketing application suite built for Automotive Dealerships.

It’s designed with the sole purpose of acquiring and retaining customers within an area of influence. By using CARS, dealerships can identify and target lost customers, conquest customers with same or competing brands who have never done business with your dealership, and track the performance of all revenue generated.

Key components of CARS are:

Savings Card Program

Offering a pre-loaded value that is decremented each time it is used. Designed to attract lost customers. Deployed digitally or with physical media.

Incentives and Rewards Program

A comprehensive incentives, rewards and customer engagement application that rewards customers for being loyal. Deployed digitally or with physical media.

Dealership Branded App

Complete with vehicle sales inventory, communication of specials, push notifications, digital coupons and wallet for dealership branded electronic cards.

Automated email

Send groups of emails to targeted segment of customers for promotions, specials, birthdays, anniversaries and more on demand or scheduled within CARS.



Lost and incomplete information creates risk and lost sales opportunities. Utilizing sophisticated parsing and government ID reading software, KickStart products will capture the required customer data, verify it and safely and securely store it to your own cloud leads vault. What’s more, by using KickStart, all waiver forms are captured and signed digitally and are then safely and securely stored in an encrypted cloud vault. With integrations for over 30 CRM’s, KickStart will immediately send any prospect information directly to your CRM ensuring nothing is lost or forgotten. MORE…

NCT Who’sUp?®

Sales rotation and information capture solution. Tracks and controls the “Up” rotation of sales persons. No hardware is required. Who’sUp? Is a downloadable app that runs on Apple and Android devices. Geofencing insures sales persons are within the desired area for accepting Ups. A robust driver license scanning feature ensures accurate data is collected and sent immediately to your CRM system. MORE…


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NCompassTrac works closely with Apple for iOS devices to bring the latest in mobile applications technology to market.


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For Android tablets and devices, the NCloud is a click away. As an Android certified developer, our engineers are working to bring the best of this exciting wave of technology to your enterprise.

Amazon Web Services

Forecast: Cloudy with a 100% chance of success. Our cloud application takes advantage of the best technologies from Microsoft and Amazon Web Services for guaranteed uptime, replication, and scalability.

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