Speed the electronic capture of customer data, rider waiver forms and schedule demo rides all in one easy to use App that runs on all Apple and Android devices.

   Built for the Automotive and PowerSports industries

Lost and incomplete information creates risk and lost sales opportunities. The capturing of prospect information whether at an event, trade show or within a dealership is at best clumsy and cumbersome. If captured at all, the data is incomplete, incorrect and ends up in a Corporate “black hole”. Leads get lost, sometimes forever. Event prospect lifecycle tracking is very difficult or non-existent. The KickStart products are designed to change all that. By simply and conveniently speeding the process of complete prospect and customer data capture with no training required. If you have ever swiped a debit or credit card, you are fully trained.

 Utilizing sophisticated parsing and government ID reading software, KickStart products will capture the required customer data, verify it and safely and securely store it to your own cloud leads vault. All the data captured is tracked by source event, location or activity.

What’s more, for demo or test rides, the paper waiver form collection process has proven to be inefficient for obtaining and storing these legal documents. Using KickStart, all waiver forms are captured and signed for digitally and are then safely and securely stored in an encrypted cloud vault.


By streamlining these activities, the prospect to sale cycle is shortened and ongoing customer engagement is improved yielding a better customer engagement experience.

For PowerSports the KickStart Suite includes capture and management modules for Demonstration Registration, Lead Generation, Dyno Rider and Photo Experience, OEM equipment Scheduling, plus a robust CRM integration engine that connects to over 30 of the most popular assists with CRM and ERP platforms such as CDK, Lightspeed, Reynolds and Reynolds,, Lightspeed, eleads, Shift Digital and more.

For reporting, live demographics complete with heat maps, and full end to end lead tracking are always available and are core features of the KickStart suite.

For the user, in order to speed the capture process, KickStart utilizes an ID scanning engine that includes driver’s license scanning for all 50 states, passports, and other government IDs. Once scanned, KickStart verifies vehicle class permit authentication and connects the customer to check-in and checkout of equipment VINs and serial numbers.

All of this coupled with inventory management, scheduling, real time customer communication and system monitoring capabilities makes KickStart a super suite for compete demo engagement and management. Among other activities, KickStart tracks rider and passenger information, collects digital waiver forms and data for all interactions by vehicle equipment type, make and model and stores these data for repurposing.


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Forecast: Cloudy with a 100% chance of success. Our cloud application takes advantage of the best technologies from Microsoft and Amazon Web Services for guaranteed uptime, replication, and scalability.

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